Date:05 Sep, 2017



We at Online dimensions, provide a unique service to our customers, where we help in doing the maths to get the most out of your business. Our company proudly announces its participation in yet another successful project, related to business analytics, “Slidr”, an online bidding website, where we participated in developing the pricing algorithm in an attempt to maximize revenues that would be generated from Slidr’s one of a kind idea.

Slidr is an online bidding website, whose owners have a new and unique business idea based on reverse bidding process but with a twist. Each bid was associated with a very small fee (typically few cents), but in this case the bid would reduce the price of an item by an unknown amount. Leaving the user with a decision either to buy now at the revealed price, or wait for more bids to take place in order to purchase at a lower price. Thus risking having another user buying the item first.

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