Maids Application

Date:11 Apr, 2016

Skills:Algorithm - Automation - Technology - Application

Client:Magna Media


Maids Application

We, at online dimensions, have been working on business analytics, other than web development and app development. One of the projects that we successfully handled was from a company who offers maids services to its clients. The company are called by their clients, who want to book an appointment to have a maid come over to help in housekeeping. The company was facing trouble in progressing since the maids had started complaining regarding excessive time spent in travelling.

In order to save their business from this problem, we spent a lot of time brainstorming for solutions, and eventually we decided to introduce a maid assignment algorithm, which did matching between maids and clients in a way to minimize the total traveled time, reducing the transportation costs by more than $100 per day in addition to administrative costs. The automation of the algorithm paved the way for technology to further automate the business, where we implemented online booking of maids through a booking interface which was developed by us, which could be accessible from mobiles and the internet, and was fully integrated with the algorithm and the system that the company already had. This solution did wonders to the brand, and they saw a massive increase in sales.

The system that was developed was completely integrated into ERP system which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. This system helps streamlining processes and information throughout the company. In addition to that, we added the concept of web forms, which were used by phone to manage bookings, and helped them perform their job more efficiently and reduced the costs that are spent in that department.

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