Business Software

Online Dimensions, works like its expertise on developing business software for those who require it. We create commendable business applications, which would eventually accelerate the level of your productivity, providing you with various business functions installed. We design the best business functions which display high performance, as we do not compromise on quality. We would show you the key advantages of the business software services that we provide.

Having business software’s Lebanon comes with added benefits for you, as you do not have to do any kind of paper work, since manually working can cause human errors, plus there is huge potential of losing important data. You will experience improved efficiency once you would have business software of your own, since work becomes speedy and takes less time to process, maintaining competitiveness with other sites.

On the other hand the sales department of your business software’s Lebanon, would not have to spend time to manually search for your customers information, your software would do that in no time at all. Lastly, integrated business software definitely increases the productivity of the business resulting in increased profits. We would show you the key advantages of the business software’s Lebanon services that we provide.


  1. We provide a complete outlook of your accounts and its progression.
  2. Quick and accurate accounting methods create an excellent base for your business
  3. Consumer loyalty is not compromised, and we double it with entirely integrated CRM
  4. Our portable application s let you go through your business details ant any spot any time.

Time and Billing

  1. Well balanced arrangements including invoicing and billing
  2. You receive a cost chart letting you know the cost you applied on every task and the revenue you created for yourself
  3. We handle your administration in detail
  4. You can get you billable time from any gadget available to you

Project Management

  1. Get your receipt venture in combined bundle
  2. Provides you fast figure cites
  3. Make receipts for anyplace by entering hours and costs online
  4. Develop greater knowledge regarding costs, income, and limit

Wholesale Distribution

  1. We work in a processed system
  2. We upgrade and improve the organization
  3. Offer complete information to customers and traders
  4. Build a strong budget and gain absolute control over stock


  1. Define quotes strategically
  2. Function your operations
  3. Go for far better choices getting to know your limits
  4. Computerize paperwork


  1. Offer strong advice
  2. Review your customer funds
  3. Interact with your customers online
  4. Update information on time

Customized ERP systems

  1. Visibility of processes across departments of your company
  2. Automatic increase in work flow from one department to another
  3. Act as a single reporting system connecting all departments
  4. Ever department would not require a separate software as this will integrate them all together
  5. Can trace web –based order tracking on e-commerce integrations

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